A Land/Learner Connection

The International Globalization, Diversity and Education Conference at Washington State University in Spokane, Washington.

A Land/Learner Connection: Diverse Experiences in Environmental Immersion

The development of local and global knowledge around environment has evolved in a way that is inclusive of both academic and community involvement.  Any meaningful knowledge around environment now requires a re-visioning of research, and the place of the university, as an equal partner with community.

Join us in this panel presentation as we explore our diverse experiences around a week of environmental immersion at Quillisascut Farm, a working farm in NorthEast Washington, in summer 2010.

Please join Veronica Gaylie and:  Justin Hougham, University of Idaho; Karen Jurgenson, Quillisascut Farm School/Seattle Culinary Academy; Lora Lea Misterly, Quillisascut Farm School for Domestic Arts; Laurie Morley, Eastern Washington University; Melissa Saul, University of Idaho; Joanie Andruss, University of Idaho; Liz Schale, Bellingham School District; Francene Watson, Washington State University.



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