Talks & Walks

Please join Veronica @:

May 30 2012 at The Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences and CSSE (Canadian Society for Studies in Education) in Waterloo, with:

Susan Jagger (OISE UofT) and Carlos Gustavo Ormond (SFU) From Compost to Concrete: Urban School Gardens


Leyton Schnellert (UBCO), Teacher Education on the Edge: A Socio-Ecological Inquiry into Learning to Teach Through Principles of Ecology and Inclusion.

American Education Research Association (AERA). April 12-17, 2012. Vancouver, Canada:

Walks @ AERA:

April 14, 2012. 10:30-12:30. The City as Classroom Walking Tour: Social Change and City Planning in Canada’s Poorest Neighbourhood.

Please join Veronica and urban design expert Lewis Villegas, SUNN Project Coordinator David Samis and SFU Research Carlos Gustavo Ormond for a walking tour through Vancouver’s historic downtown neighbourhoods of Gastown, Chinatown, Strathcona, and Japantown. Focussing on urban design, we will explore how decades of development pressure and Modernist planning have contributed to the area’s social and economic problems and continuously threatened the history and culture of the local ethnic and working class communities. We will also tour the controversial Woodwards development, which some hail as a neighbourhood saviour, and others fear has accelerated gentrification to the point of no return.

April 13, 2012. 13:45-17:30. UBC Farm (Intergenerational Landed Learning Project). Field trip and discussion forum: The Importance of a garden: Theorizing learning in school gardens  With seven co-presenters and graduate students.
(SIG – Environmental Education).

Poetry Reading @ VAG:

Saturday, April 14. 19:30. Poetry reading with Veronica (&  The Cupcakes) at  The Vancouver Art Gallery, 750 Hornby Street.  Poetry reading and community food-pedagogy. Arts Based Education Research (ABER and ARTS Based Collective Research) Reception.

Papers @ AERA:

Sunday April 15 2012. 12:55. Eco-Poetic Inquiry: The Poetry of Place.  Paper. (Arts Based Education Research SIG).

Monday April 16 2012. 8:15. Environmental Learning and Teacher Education.  In Symposium: A Dialogue on Environmental Learning and Experience.

Winter Talks:

February 2012: Eighth Annual Globalization, Diversity and Education Conference. Please join Veronica for the presentation: Real, Roots, Outside: Eco-Poetry as Counternarrative. Also with: Justin Hougham, University of Idaho and Francene Watson, Washington State University: The Palouse Pollinators. Towards a Praxis of Sustainability.

January 2012: Digging Deep: The Heart of the Urban School Garden. International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability. UBC Robson. Vancouver, Canada.

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