Here, There, Then



Some of Veronica’s talks this year:

Into the Wild: Counter-narratives at the Edge of Human Ecology. International Globalization, Diversity & Education Conference. Spokane, WA. February 2014.

Ground Up, Hands On Narratives in Environmental Learning @ Loon Lake Gathering, British Columbia. October 2013.

World I love this garden: Keeping it real in the urban school garden @ International School Grounds Alliance Conference, Evergreen Brickworks, Toronto.  September 2013.

The Role of Eco-Poetry in Interdisciplinary Partnership Models. International Society for Environmental Ethics (ISEE) Tenth Annual Meeting on Environmental Philosophy, Thinking and Acting Ecologically  @ The University of East Anglia, UK June 2013,

Learning Gardens: Looking Back, Moving Forward @ University of London (UCL) London UK. April 2013.

One of Veronica’s radio essays @ Sunday Edition CBC radio, Pilgrimage.


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