Find Veronica March 2014 
EcoJustice and Activism Conference @ Detroit 
for her presentation:

Poetry and Bread: 
Writing, Roaming and Resisting With Eco-Poetry

I have a white rose to tend
In July as in January


Cultivo una rosa blanca,
En julio como en enero 

- Jose Marti

Yes, we need poetry, as well as bread.

In a time of climate change, of anti-environmental regulation, in a world of pipelines and globalised consumer greed . . . poetry has never been more crucial. Now reflect for a moment on “the heart of nature”, the connected food system we did not create.  In 1884, Cuban activist, educator and poet Jose Marti wisely predicted that nature “cannot be explained in formulas on the blackboard, but rather in the layers of the earth itself.”

Please bring a pencil, something to write with, the urge to go outside, and dress for the great outdoors.


Celia Cruz sings Marti’s poetic revolution – her own way


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